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Like Chocolate For Women is a celebration and acknowledgment of womanhood. We strive to be the ‘best’ friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, cook, home-manager and businesswoman, yet often we fill our cup to overflowing and forget about being our own best friend and nurturing our own needs!. (Read More)

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Podcast - UC76 - Jessica Ainscough Wellness Warrior - Part 2

Kim Morrison - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jessica Ainscough the Wellness Warrior and the Up for A Chat girls continue their fire side talk, exploring death, life, health, love, loss and consequences.  Listen in to the second part of this beautiful conversation that once again brings, tears, laughs and inspiration to all.  The Up for A Chat girls are in awe of this beautiful young girl who has embraced life no matter what is throws at her.  (Read More)

Podcast - UC75 - Jessica Ainscough Wellness Warrior - Part 1

Kim Morrison - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jessica Ainscough is the Wellness Warrior, her blog has attracted 4,000,000 visits in the last 4 years.  She is a good friend of the Up For A Chat girls and they decide to take the microphone around to her house and have a chat about her healing journey.  At 22 Jessica is diagnosed with a rare cancer – epitheloid carcinoma.  She is given the only option for survival – amputation of her arm.  Listen in as she makes a decision to change her life despite the consequences.  The conversation goes in many directions and Jessica at the young age of 28 has wisdom beyond her years.  The Up for A Chat girls could not stop at one hour so this becomes a two part series.  (Read More)

Podcast - UC74 - A Beautiful Love Story

Kim Morrison - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Romeo and Juliet – Kim and Danny are synonymous with extraordinary love stories.  Thank goodness Kim and Danny are still around to tell their story.  The lights are dimmed the voices are hushed as Kim tells Cyndi and Carren one of the most beautiful love stories.  It is a story of true connections, of undying love, of being in the right place of knowing when it was the right time.  She doesn’t give all the secrets away but Cyndi and Carren realise that the love story was the unfolding of someone who would touch the world in profoundly unique ways.  (Read More)

Podcast - UC73 - Carrens Couch

Kim Morrison - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Carren has a surprise for Cyndi and Kim with regards to a new part to her business.  The Up For A Chat girls (Kim and Cyndi) decide to interview Carren about the amazing success of her business from vomiting on her first stage presentation to speaking to millions of people world wide.  Carren’s story and her business have evolved and morphed as does the hour with these 3 extraordinary women.  Don’t miss the unveiling of Carren’s surprise for Cyndi and Kim.  (Read More)

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