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Like Chocolate For Women is a celebration and acknowledgment of womanhood. We strive to be the ‘best’ friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, cook, home-manager and businesswoman, yet often we fill our cup to overflowing and forget about being our own best friend and nurturing our own needs!. (Read More)

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Self-care is not selfish - It's essential!

Twenty8 Organic Skincare is derived from nature, blended with science and bottled with love. This dynamic range brings you the ultimate tools for self-care from the best selling authors of Like Chocolate For Women.

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Podcast UC100 - An Interview With Lis Kent

Kim Morrison - Friday, October 31, 2014

The Y generation is known to expect everything for little work or nothing, but Lis Kent, a switched on 23 year old defies that stereotype. There are so many young women and men that are not sure of their path in life, the key is to keep trying and moving until you find your lives’ purpose and passion. The interview with Lis goes through the trials and tribulations of our youth looking for their life’s purpose.  (Read More)

Podcasts UC98 - Reinventing Yourself At Any Age

Kim Morrison - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One of the UFAC listeners requested a podcast on reinventing a life. She had found herself in her 50’s and single and wanted the steps as to what she should do to create an extraordinary life. The Up For A Chat girls discuss the art of reinvention and finish with how they would reinvent themselves.  (Read More)

Podcasts UC99 - A Candid Interview With Fleur Welligan

Kim Morrison - Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fleur is a girlfriend of the UFAC girls, she was also Kim Morrison’s business partner for over a decade. She left Twenty8 to go back to New Zealand to be with her family. Fleur is a beauty therapist who loves to serve, her philosophy on life brings Kim, Carren and Cyndi to silence (a rare occurrence) as she eloquently and articulately explores the art of service to humanity.  (Read More)

Podcasts UC97 - The Perturbation of the Ponderification

Kim Morrison - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Up For A Chat girls are on a road trip, it’s late at night, they have been speaking all day and have been driving for 3 hours, you could say they are a little delirious.  They begin a discussion about influence and if they have any influence on people’s lives – Carren asks the question, and in all seriousness to Kim and Cyndi.  They decide to record the conversation and so the button is pushed and you can listen in on this amazing discussion.  There are many rabbit holes that they go down and while you may think that these three amazing women have influence their conclusions are far from that.  This is an Up For A Chat not to be missed.  (Read More)

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