28 Day Program

So often we hear people disillusioned with fad diets and the latest fitness regimes and understandably so, especially when they can seem rather extreme or hard to stick to. Not this time. The 28 Day Programme takes a common-sense approach. Designed with nutritionist extraordinaire Cyndi O'Meara it is practical, delicious and achievable ; and we can promise it will have you looking and feeling a million dollars!

There is just 72 pages to this exciting eBook. With daily tips, exercise suggestions, meals and self-care routines you can easily follow each of the 28 days with ease. This is not designed to be a weight-loss programme... after all when we lose something we often go looking for it again! Rather this is a gaining health and fitness programme which incidentally for many weight loss is a bonus. We want your focus on what you want more of in your life - not less!

This programme is a follow on from the 5 Day Kick Butt programme in Like Chocoloate For Women book. You have the option of including the 5 day Detox in the first part of this 28 days or you can go straight to day 6 and follow the programme for the full 28days. We highly recommend including the detox as it sets you up for the full programme and gets your body into health mode very quickly!

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Here is what others are saying about the 28 Day Programme!

"I am feeling great, I just love this food and lifestyle thanks sooooooooooo much. Our family is so much better off – my 8-year-old son made up some juice from a packet yesterday, tasted it, then tipped the whole jug down the sink and proceeded to make his own fresh organic apple and orange drink. Made me feel so great!!! ‘What a difference,’ he announced! Thanks girls, it really is changing lives."

Liz 39 years

"I’ve been exercising pretty much every day since the start of the program (it’s been a while since I’ve done that!) and I have been on the phone today discussing gym memberships and treadmill hire! I have definitely lost weight and even though I know this programme isn’t about that, it shows how just a few simple changes can have such a dramatic effect."

Kate 33 years

"I have always had problem skin, breakouts and a sense that it will never go away. I have tended to avoid ‘diets’ as they seem to be about deprivation and hardship. But something lit me up about the About Face programme. I actually felt I could do this one as it seemed relatively simple. Although, I admit the detox was a challenge, it was only for a short time … I am loving my fruit and veges again and most importantly my skin has improved remarkably! I can’t thank you enough for showing me that getting back to basics is really the key to success."

Rebecca 28 years

"This programme has allowed me to focus on myself more and take more care with my skin on the outside as well as the inside. Making a few easy and simple choices, even minimal ones, helps you see you will indeed reap the rewards in the long run! Bad choices are going to catch up somewhere along the line…I would encourage everyone to make the change today!"

Kerri 37 years

"My skin has definitely improved. It is no longer dry as it is more moisturized, cleaner and clearer from the daily dry brushing and body massage. Not eating things like chocolate probably helped too! Apart from feeling a little hungry on the detox I felt very virtuous, cleaner and slimmer! … Once the routine was established the time commitment decreased. I have continued with the daily lemon drink, body brushing and daily body massage, in fact I am continuing with the programme now that I have established routines that fit with my lifestyle. I will now be able to have the odd ‘treat’ when out socialising but I have found that I don’t want chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc anymore. I’m enjoying the ‘clean’ feeling way too much. Although having a banana and blueberry muffin does go a long way towards feeling that I am having treats anyway"

Susannah 33 years


"My health was not the best at the start as I had had the flu for 5 weeks and my skin was blemished from quite a few pimples. However, my energy did improve after the detox, in fact I think it definitely helped me get rid of the flu. What I have learnt for myself from this programme is that bread and sugar react instantly with my skin and my sinuses seem to get inflamed and infected."

Anne 55 years


I loved the daily body massage, healthy food, and especially the tasks which got me motivated to clean up and throw out. I think the programme is fantastic – thank you."

Karen 37 years


"I liked the way this programme was so simple and easy to follow. Once I was prepared and had the right foods the rest fell into place. My skin and health is thanking me for making the effort to adapt these principles into my everyday life. And I have to say it no longer feels an effort. This is the way I want to live now. The 80-20 rule certainly works for me. Cheers team!"

Vicki 27 years


"I don’t have a lot of ‘me’ time so this programme was always going to be a challenge. I was coerced into doing it with a girlfriend, which made it even more nerve-wracking as I didn’t want to fail or let her down. But I have to say once we were prepared and got into the routine, it got easier and easier. We have loved the programme and often ring each other for new recipe ideas. I actually make my lunches and take them to work now. Evening meals could not be easier – what with a piece of protein and a yummy salad…I feel as though I have more energy, my skin is seems more clear and radiant and I am no longer afraid of failing a programme! Thanks so much. This really has changed the way I look at my health."

Cara 35 years

Karen Boyes, CEO Spectrum Education, NZ

Kim and Fleur are fantastic. They presented to 650 teachers giving them wonderful tips and techniques to keep themselves healthy and well. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for their subject is infectious. Teachers went away knowing how to car..(Read More)

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