Self care is not selfish

Like Chocolate For Women is a celebration and acknowledgment of womanhood. We strive to be the ‘best’ friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, cook, home-manager and businesswoman, yet often we fill our cup to overflowing and forget about being our own best friend and nurturing our own needs!. (Read More)

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Self-care is not selfish - It's essential!

A Day With Kim Morrison & Sarah Clarke - Toowoomba, QLD
During her nationwide 2014 tour, Kim will be in Toowoomba on ..(Read More)
Intro Teenager SPArkle And Shine - Kim and Amanda Sunshine Coast, QLD
Kim Morrison and Amanda Rootsey will be presenting a SPArkle ..(Read More)


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The Wellness Summit Highlights

Kim Morrison - Thursday, November 07, 2013

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Podcast - UC44 - Sleep - The More You Get The Longer You Live

Kim Morrison - Friday, October 04, 2013

This podcast is on sleep. It started with a snooze from Carren, she is the sleeper of sleepers.  Why do some people find it hard to sleep and others fall asleep at the drop of a hat.  Carren, Kim and Cyndi explore sleep and why it is important, not only to rest the body but also for health.  Kim begins by saying she will sleep when she is dead and that it is not a priority but by the end she realises that she must change her view point and realise to live a long and healthy life it’s important that sleep become a priority. Listen in and learn the rituals and rules that must be applied for a good night sleep.  (Read More)

Lynn Kirkland, Founder and R&D Manager at the Herb Farm, NZ

Kim and Fleur are two of the most inspiring women I know. The workshops they have held at the Herb Farm are still being talked about years later. "Like Chocolate For Women" is a must have book in every home it's your aromatherapy bible...(Read More)