Self care is not selfish

Like Chocolate For Women is a celebration and acknowledgment of womanhood. We strive to be the ‘best’ friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother, cook, home-manager and businesswoman, yet often we fill our cup to overflowing and forget about being our own best friend and nurturing our own needs!. (Read More)

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Self-care is not selfish - It's essential!

A Day With Kim Morrison and Sarah Clarke on the Sunshine Coast, QLD
During her nationwide 2014 tour, Kim will be in her home town..(Read More)
Twenty8 SPArkle Experience - Sunshine Coast, QLD
Kim Morrison will be presenting a SPArkle experience on the S..(Read More)


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Podcast UC95 - A Talk In The Country With A Country Girl

Kim Morrison - Friday, September 26, 2014

Kirsty Ostwald meets the Up For A Chat girls at the Bunya Mountains, west of Brisbane, she provides them with a beautiful lunch with proceeds from her country garden. The girls are on their way to Chinchilla to speak at Womens RDO. Kim, Carren and Cyndi are definitely city chicks, so they explore what it’s like to be bought up and live isolated from city life and where the front gate may be 45 minutes from the house. The spirit of the country lives beautifully in Kirsty and the conversation explores the harshness of the bush as well as great lessons an isolated life teaches.  (Read More)

Podcast - UC94 - Rituals and Routines

Kim Morrison - Thursday, September 18, 2014

A listener asked The Up for A Chat girls about their rituals and routines, so listen in and here what Kim, Carren and Cyndi do when they first open their eyes in the morning.  Each does something different that works for them, but may give you some ideas as to how to kick start your day.  They also discuss  the personal care, cleaning and household products that they use.  They are very different, but there is one common theme, and that is they do have their daily rituals and their choice of products is about being natural and no animal cruelty.  (Read More)

Nikki Parkinson, Queensland, Australia

Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan continue to be an inspiration to women all around the world. They proudly walk their talk. You can’t help but get excited about choosing a lifestyle that is gentle, caring and considerate – on yourself, o..(Read More)