Nikki Parkinson, Queensland, Australia

Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan continue to be an inspiration to women all around the world.  They proudly walk their talk. You can’t help but get excited about choosing a lifestyle that is gentle, caring and considerate – on yourself, others around you and the environment.

As speakers they have you captured from the get go; as educators, you just want to know more;  and as business mentors, they inspire with all that they create. I use and wholeheartedly recommend their Twenty8 essential oil blends and organic skincare. 

Yes, I have been “chocolified” and life has never been better.  – Nikki Parkinson, Styling You,

Amanda van Rensburg, South Africa

Thank you for a fabulous, feel-good morning. I found myself feeling quite emotional at times just identifying with what Kim was saying. The setting at Garden World was serene and peaceful. Just what I needed to start the week. May God continue to..(Read More)

Angela Huntsman, Ph.D.

Kim and Fleur bring a total sense of dedication, experience and expertise to their work. Having been asked to be on many advisory boards, to which I more often than not say no, I accepted the invitation to be on Kim and Fleur's advisory board on the ..(Read More)

Bob Ross, Managing Director (retired), Tandem Press, NZ

I have very fond memories of publishing Kim and Fleur. Their inspiration, energy and dedication to their subject made them a delight to work with...(Read More)

Cara Phillips, Founder Carmaj pure botanical skincare, Australia

I first saw Kim and Fleur's dynamic presentation at a Women's conference at the Sunshine Coast in 2004 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I was so inspired by what they had to say and their outlook on life. It was their "no fuss" approach to..(Read More)

Carren Smith, General Manager, The Ray White Caloundra Group, Australia

From the moment I met Kim and Fleur I knew I was in the company of greatness, not just because of the message they delivered in their presentation, but because they were able to back it up with evidence and they also create amazing experiences for wo..(Read More)

Christine Cameron 2003 Telstra Qld & Australian Business Women of the Year. Director Rockcote Enterprises Pty Ltd

Visionary, creative and innovative are just a few words to describe these two remarkable women; Kim Morrison & Fleur Whelligan. The epitome of what modern business women can aspire to be, Kim & Fleur prove that you can have you can have it al..(Read More)

Cyndi O'Meara, Author of "Changing Habits, Changing Lives" Queensland

Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan are two very inspirational women." Like Chocolate for Women" is my bible for aromatherapy. Their knowledge, wisdom and inspiration have taught me so much about how to use essential oils for health, skin-care, emotions..(Read More)

Dr H O'Meara, Mooloolaba, Australia

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend these two dynamic ladies and their books. What a breath of fresh air in an otherwise relatively staid topic. They bring life and laughter to Aromatherapy...a must read for persons in all walks of life..(Read More)

Emma Clements, Queensland, Australia

Since meeting and speaking Kim & Fleur, I have become so much more aware of preservatives and artificial colours and flavours in our foods. I have begun nurturing my body, so I can therefore look after my family. Using natural oils and medicines and ..(Read More)

Fenia, South Africa

FABULOUS! A great way to remind ourselves that to indulge in femininity should become a ritual that does not hit extinction. Thanx..(Read More)

Glyn Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Auckland, NZ

Kim & Fleur are two of the most vibrant people I have ever worked with. The ‘dream team’ has been a pleasure to work with. Full of fun, backed with an enormous amount of knowledge and energy...(Read More)

Hester de Wet, South Africa

What a wonderful way to have spent a Monday morning. Away with Monday Blues we’ll be massaging our inner thighs instead. Good luck and everything of the best!..(Read More)

J Da Costa

Really fantastic workshop, very interactive and informative. I now have a better understanding of the important role essentials oils have in my life. Taking time out to do my body rub will be an everyday ritual. Thank you for sharing your knowledg..(Read More)

Jan Crossing, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

You are both so delightful & engaging. Thank you so much for sharing with us a little of your knowledge & wisdom at today's workshop. Those hours were thoroughly enjoyed & we all benefited enormously, leaving equipped to make some better ..(Read More)

Jan Langford, Hawera, Taranaki, NZ

These two women are an inspiration ---they are passionate about making all women feel great about themselves regardless of age. They encourage inspire and motivate and it is a gift for me to have shared "some" of their journey and to witness their un..(Read More)

Janice Wamsteker, Auckland, NZ

Oh my gosh. I thought I knew lots about chemicals, care and cooking, but Kim and Fleur took me further on my journey to natural wellness than I expected. Now, three months down the track their books give me reference and inspiration on a nearly daily..(Read More)

Janine Barr, Regional Partner,, Auckland, NZ

When my infant son of 12 weeks was struggling to breathe with an awful chest cold at 3am in the morning, it was always with some relief that I turned to Kim & Fleur's book 'Like Chocolate for Women'...I could always find something that smelled gorgeo..(Read More)

Jill Hansen, Personal Adviser to the All Black Coaching staff!!!! Budding Aromatherapist, NZ

I had purchased and been inspired by Kim and Fleur's first edition of "Like Chocolate For Women" before I even had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kim in person at a Teambuilding workshop a few years ago. This book continues to be a reference for m..(Read More)

Jo Plummer, Director of Birthwise, Mother of 4 gorgeous children, NZ

I have had the privilege on a number of occasions to hear Fleur and Kim speak. Each time I have come away inspired to be the best I can be, to treat people how I would want to be treated and more importantly to embrace life. These two amazing women, ..(Read More)

Justine Schroder, Director Be True Limited, NZ

Several years ago I purchased a copy of your book "Like Chocolate for Women" and had the pleasure of meeting you both. I absolutely love this book, which is now all tatty and doggy eared from constant use. It has inspired me to say the least! I have..(Read More)


Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and diverse workshop in such a short space of time. I’m inspired to take what has up to now been a novelty and transform it into a way of life...(Read More)

Karen Boyes, CEO Spectrum Education, NZ

Kim and Fleur are fantastic. They presented to 650 teachers giving them wonderful tips and techniques to keep themselves healthy and well. Their enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for their subject is infectious. Teachers went away knowing how to car..(Read More)

Kelly Swanson-Roe, Presenter/Producer, Sydney.

I became completely hooked on Kim & Fleur's books after attending the launch of About Face" - their third book. I took up the 28 day About Face programme and that was it, I was hooked for life! My skin utterly glowed from the inside out and what's mo..(Read More)

Kim Frankham, NZ

There are two significant impacts you personally have made in my family's life. Firstly the perspective on "healthy" both in terms of the food and attitude and secondly what we want in our lives for the future. Although we may not always follow the h..(Read More)

Kim McCosker, Co-Author 4 Ingredients, Queensland

Ever wondered WHY you and your hubby have a different view, or why someone in your life ALWAYS has to have the last say, or why it’s sometimes hard to say no? The answers to these questions and more were imparted in an enlightening talk given by the..(Read More)

Lisa Burr

Kim & Fleur The workshop was wonderful. I loved the way you get us all involved with the massaging of ourselves an ladies next to us. Good luck with your future workshops and books, you both deserve it. It is obvious to see that you both radi..(Read More)

Liz Broadhead, Sunshine Coast, Australia

These two are an amazing, dynamic duo........if you didn't buy the book the first time's certainly not to be missed second time around........a truly phenomenal read...(Read More)

Lizzie McPhail, Director, Hawkes Bay, NZ

These are two of the most inspirational woman I have met, they are dedicated and committed, their knowledge and persistence to create the most healthy, loving environment for their families and others is commendable. Their books continue to influence..(Read More)

Lorraine Downes, Miss Universe 1983, Co Author of 'REAL-The Truth about Fashion, Beauty and Image', NZ

'When I met Kim and Fleur I instantly noticed and felt their dynamic energy. These two women have a wealth of knowledge to share with us so that we can discover how we can all lead a passionate, healthy and joyful life on a daily basis. Their books a..(Read More)

Lyn Dunbar, Sunshine Coast, Australia

These divine women, have brought aromatherapy into my life with passion and simplicity. "Like Chocolate For Women" is a must have resource for every women during any stage of their life...(Read More)

Lynn Kirkland, Founder and R&D Manager at the Herb Farm, NZ

Kim and Fleur are two of the most inspiring women I know. The workshops they have held at the Herb Farm are still being talked about years later. "Like Chocolate For Women" is a must have book in every home it's your aromatherapy bible...(Read More)

Margaret Smalley, Melbourne

Your book "Like Chocolate for Women" has also helped me through my personal daily life, as did each following book that you have published. You are both an inspiration and you will come through on top. Keep knocking at the door, the world will wake u..(Read More)

Maureen Swart

The workshop was very informative and enjoyable. The venue is the right setting for this course. I look forward to reading your book and incorporating into my SHIATSU MASSAGE that I do. Great talk. I wish you both of success in the next few month..(Read More)

Megan Larsen, Founder Sodashi, Australia

I can honestly say that Kim and Fleur are the best workshop presenters and they deliver the best workshops I have ever attended. They are enthusiastic and passionate and they share this, along with some wonderful knowledge in these amazing workshops...(Read More)

Meryl Frederick, Buderim, Australia

Just a short time with Kim & Fleur will have you standing straighter, eating healthier and feeling better about yourself and all that ails you. It's all possible with enthusiasm, humour and oils in all the right places. Somebody should bottle them...(Read More)

Michelle Gelhardt

Very informative and inspiring you have helped to re-light the fire within...(Read More)

Minka Phillips, Owner, Mothers Online (

We just love the books Kim & Fleur write and recommend them to all of our members, in fact, ALL women in general. Their enthusiasm for us being the best we can be and their understanding of what life is like for busy women and mothers today is ob..(Read More)

Name with held

This was great the venue was ideal. This was all completely new to me and I realised that it was not about the SMELL, but the emotional support. After the birth of my son, I was depressed for a very long time. He is three now, and I was too scared..(Read More)

Nicole Clarke - SAHM (Stay at home Mum), Buderim, Queensland

At a very stressful time in my family's life, I was given the opportunity to lend a helping hand with the 'new' edition of this wonderful masterpiece. In doing so I got to know various parts of the old edition quite intimately. It is amazing what the..(Read More)

Nikki Parkinson, Queensland, Australia

Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan continue to be an inspiration to women all around the world. They proudly walk their talk. You can’t help but get excited about choosing a lifestyle that is gentle, caring and considerate – on yourself, o..(Read More)

Nikki Parkinson, Styling You,

Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan continue to be an inspiration to women all around the world. They proudly walk their talk. You can’t help but get excited about choosing a lifestyle that is gentle, caring and considerate – on yourself, ot..(Read More)

Pam Moodley, South Africa

This Aromatherapy workshop was the first I ever been to. It was fantastic, stimulating, enlightening, humorous and fun. I just loved every-minute of it and I’m glad I came. Fantastic job KIM & FLEUR...(Read More)

Pat Princi-Jones, National Training & Education Manager, In Essence Aromatherapy, Melbourne

Kim and Fleur are genuine, dynamic, sensitive women. Their workshops and literature are an inspiration to all women...(Read More)

Pat Princi-Jones, National Training & Education Manager, In Essence Aromatherapy, Melbourne

Kim and Fleur are genuine, dynamic, sensitive women. Their workshops and literature are an inspiration to all women...(Read More)


It was fantastic, not only informative but inspirational. The practical approach made it simple, un-daunting and easy to identity with..(Read More)

Paula Ross.

I can not imagine how you would possibly improve this great workshop. Kim and Fleur are wonderful peoples people. I am very grateful to have had this great opportunity. Good Luck with all your future endeavours...(Read More)

Peter Roberts, Company Director, Australia

Guys! You've heard "HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE". Here's the secret. Kim and Fleur have written fantastic books. Buy all of them. Give them for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day presents. Always a huge hit...(Read More)

Rachel Dean, , New Zealand

I own a couple of books the girls have written and have found them very informative, easy to read with lovely photographs, and find my self dipping into them every now again to re-inspire me...(Read More)

Rikki Latcham, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

You are beauty to me, inside and out...what would I do without you & your beautiful books have been at my side all day, you are both my inspirations, this book is like a breath of fresh air...(Read More)

Robert Tisserand, UK

'Kim and Fleur congratulations on a very well written, concise book on the art of aromatherapy. It will no doubt touch many people's lives with its simplicity and the ease with which you have portrayed your message.'..(Read More)

Sandi Morrison, QSM, Principal Alexandra Associates, Auckland, NZ

Read their books ! Treat yourself ! Go to a Workshop!These two are D Y N A M I T E : An inspiration for getting you back in touch with the rich and wonderful things in life that r e a l l y matter!..(Read More)

Sandy, Pavina and Susan

Thank you so very much for a wonderful workshop. Considering we knew very little, we are much wiser today - everything perfect. Thanks again!..(Read More)

Sharon Clewes, Newman, Western Australia

Thankyou for my liquid gold! I have already started with my daily body boost inspired by your About Face book, my bible! Love the concept of my mood enhancing body massage for the day. Seeing you gals and half way through reading LCFW I’m more excite..(Read More)

Sharon Hegarty, , Queensland, Australia

I love these books, they are the kind I pick up every time I need to goal set or improve in any areas of my life, they are not books you read once and forget, they always gives me inspiration.thanks!..(Read More)

Shelley Herbst & Sue McGlashan

We both thoroughly enjoyed the workshop & enthusiasm of Kim & Fleur. Well done an good luck. We look forward to reading your next book...(Read More)

Sonia Dunne

"I absolutely love everything about Like Chocolate For Women. We all know what your say and write is so true and it is as you say – getting into the habit! Thankyou!"..(Read More)

Sonia, QLD

Dear Fleur and Kim, I absolutely love everything about "Like Chocolate for Women"..(Read More)

Susan Simpson

An inspiring and informative workshop it has made me think about spending more quality time on myself. Very well presented - both ladies are obviously very knowledgeable & enthusiastic about their careers and lives. A morning well spent...(Read More)

Terry, SA.

Kim & Fleur Thank you so much for the great introduction into aromatherapy and expanding our knowledge on some of the uses. I find it uplifting and very positive for myself and my family...(Read More)

Tracy Woolley ~ Inspire Your Day

"Kim and Fleur are two of the loveliest women I know! I have had the pleasure of inviting them to be guest speakers at my 'Inspirational' Networking Night, and quite aside from their walking their talk, they engage and delight their audience with the..(Read More)

Valerie Moonsamy, South Africa.

Dear Kim & Fleur I’ve been touched today. No great motivational speaker can change a life the way you’ve been able to and in such a simple and practical way. I am sure my team enjoyed the TEAMBUILDING. Thank you very much...(Read More)

Vicki Wagner, Mummy, and Child Health Nurse, Queensland, Australia

Ooh, I have this gorgeous book, and all of their others!! They are beautiful books, with real photos, of real women. I always leave workshops run by Kim, and Fleur with a huge smile on my face. In our world where we are exposed to so many chemical la..(Read More)

Michelle Gelhardt

Very informative and inspiring you have helped to re-light the fire within...(Read More)

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